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Guild Column

Posted: Tue 15 Dec 15

Guild Update 14 Dec 15 – Revamped Members Only Emergency Management Resources

The Guild has updated its Emergency Management Resources toolkit to help members manage their businesses during natural disasters such as bushfires, storms and floods.

Posted: Tue 08 Dec 15

Guild Update 8 Dec 15 – PBS Access and Sustainability Package

AS PART of the PBS Access and Sustainability Package included in the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement the Government implemented a number of savings measures including the delisting of a number of over-the-counter medicines from the PBS from 1 January 2016, based on the clinical recommendation of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC).

Posted: Tue 01 Dec 15

Guild Update 1 Dec 15 – Guild joins “Decembeard” campaign

The Guild has encouraged members to help support this month’s “Decembeard”, a month-long awareness campaign that raises much needed funds to fight against bowel cancer.

Posted: Tue 24 Nov 15

Guild Update 24 Nov 15 – PBS co-payment discount

The Australian Government has legislated that from 01 Jan 2016 the patient co-payment for claimable PBS prescriptions can be discounted at the pharmacist’s discretion by up to $1.

Posted: Tue 17 Nov 15

Guild Update 17 Nov 15: Warning on counterfeit medicines

THE Guild supports the recent warning by the TGA over the risks of using counterfeit medicines.

Posted: Tue 10 Nov 15

Guild Update 10 Nov 15 – OTC Products Delisted

GUILD members would by now be aware that the Department of Health has published information about the over-the-counter products being de-listed from the PBS from 1 January 2016.

Posted: Tue 03 Nov 15

Guild Update 3 Nov 15: My Health Record

The Guild welcomes the announcement that one of the trial sites for the new My Health Record will be a Primary Health Network with a strong representation of community pharmacy.

Posted: Tue 20 Oct 15

PBS De-Listing of OTC Medicines

At a special meeting in April 2015, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee recommended de-listing some over-the-counter medicines from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, and provided the principles for the proposed process.