Weekly Comment

Every month Pharmacy Daily recruits an industry professional to be our guest columnist and supply the industry with general information about their profession or service, which features in the issue each Monday.
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Weekly comment

Posted: Mon 09 May 16

Weekly Comment – 9 May 16 : Professional Services: What is your earning capacity?

AS THE industry transitions to a model focussed on greater service provision which optimises patient health outcomes, the time is ripe to assess your professional services business plan.

Posted: Mon 18 Apr 16

Weekly Comment -18 April 16 : Vitamin K for Newborns

VITAMIN K is naturally present in the body and plays a major role in clotting.

Posted: Mon 11 Apr 16

Weekly Comment -11 April 16 : Diabetes in pregnancy

GESTATIONAL diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a specific type of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy.

Posted: Mon 04 Apr 16

Weekly Comment – 4 April 16 : Breastfeeding and Mastitis

MASTITIS is an inflammation of the breast that can be caused by an obstruction or infection.

Posted: Mon 21 Mar 16

Weekly Comment – 21 March 16 : Keep your customer data safe

RANSOMWARE has become an increasingly common security threat, with Australian businesses being targeted by various attacks or phishing scams.

Posted: Mon 14 Mar 16

Weekly Comment – 14 March 16 : Embracing cloud computing

CLOUD computing enables the efficient use of information and software that is stored in the cloud, and pharmacies can reap many benefits by adopting cloud based services.

Posted: Mon 07 Mar 16

Weekly Comment – 7 March 16 : Customer Experience

IN AN increasingly uncertain and competitive environment for community pharmacies, providing a great customer experience is the differentiator for your business.

Posted: Mon 29 Feb 16

Weekly Comment – 29 Feb 16 : When referral is recommended

AS A pharmacist, your medicines expertise and frequent contact with patients prescribed antidepressants makes you ideally positioned to provide education, discuss management plans and monitor effectiveness and adverse effects to treatment.