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Every month Pharmacy Daily recruits an industry professional to be our guest columnist and supply the industry with general information about their profession or service, which features in the issue each Monday.
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Weekly comment

Posted: Mon 16 Nov 15

Weekly Comment 16 Nov 15: Advanced pharmacy practice recognition – not just for hospital pharmacists

THE advanced pharmacy practice credentialing process should be considered by all pharmacists.

Posted: Mon 09 Nov 15

Weekly Comment 9 Nov 15:
Why advanced pharmacy practice?

IN PRACTICE, how often do we as pharmacists have another practitioner give unbiased feedback on our professional performance.

Posted: Mon 02 Nov 15

Weekly Comment 2 Nov 15: What is advanced pharmacy practice?

THE recent release of the global report on Advanced practice and specialisation in pharmacy by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) shows formal recognition of advanced practice is a growing global trend.

Posted: Mon 26 Oct 15

Weekly Comment 26 Oct 15: Professional Services – What is your strategy?

EXECUTING professional services successfully isn’t having a list of services on your pharmacy window.

Posted: Mon 19 Oct 15

Managing Supplier Relationships

As dispensary margins shrink, we need to look at other ways to improve the bottom-line; having strong supplier relationships based on a developed strategy is vital in achieving this.

Posted: Mon 12 Oct 15

Knowing your Customers

IN A time of increased competition and business change have you thought about how well you really know your customers.

Posted: Mon 28 Sep 15

More than a useful tool for therapeutic decisionmaking

IN AN era of significant demographic, economic and technological challenges, it is incumbent upon healthcare professionals to achieve the safe and optimal use of medicines.

Posted: Mon 21 Sep 15

Weekly Comment 21 Sep 15: The case for counselling – it’s compelling

THE professional responsibility of pharmacists to counsel patients has been understood and clearly documented in numerous guidelines, including those developed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and the Guidelines for Dispensing of Medications from the Pharmacy Board.