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Every month Pharmacy Daily recruits an industry professional to be our guest columnist and supply the industry with general information about their profession or service, which features in the issue each Monday.
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Weekly comment

Posted: Mon 11 Jan 16

Weekly Comment – 11 Jan 16 : How to save an extra $2,000 in 2016

AS WE enter the New Year, many of us, for better or worse, will attempt to make New Year’s resolutions.

Posted: Mon 04 Jan 16

Weekly Comment – 4 Jan 16 : Time to retrain your investment brain

BEHAVIOURAL finance is a relatively recent field that combines psychology with economics to explain why people make poor financial decisions.

Posted: Mon 21 Dec 15

Weekly Comment 21 December 15 : Bang Your Drum, aka Tell Them Why They Should Consider You!

WHEN was the last time you took a long hard look at your résumé.

Posted: Mon 14 Dec 15

Weekly Comment 14 Dec 15 – Over 30 years experience

DON’T be set on a specific number of years experience, focus on the skills and knowledge needed to do the job.

Posted: Mon 07 Dec 15

Weekly Comment – 7 Dec 15 : Give your people a chance to shine!

ONE of the biggest challenges for pharmacy owners is staffing and getting it right.

Posted: Mon 30 Nov 15

Weekly Comment 30 Nov 15 – Competency Standards underpin workforce development

I HAVE been involved with the formal development of national competency standards for pharmacists since 2008 when PSA initiated the review of the Standards prior to the release of the 2010 National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia.

Posted: Mon 23 Nov 15

Weekly Comment 23 Nov 15: Advanced pharmacy practice recognition not just about the credential

IT’S a time for celebration for pharmacists who have taken part in the credentialing of advanced practice pharmacists pilot program.

Posted: Mon 16 Nov 15

Weekly Comment 16 Nov 15: Advanced pharmacy practice recognition – not just for hospital pharmacists

THE advanced pharmacy practice credentialing process should be considered by all pharmacists.