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Thu 17 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 17 Aug 17

Pharmacy Daily

HAVING silky smooth tresses is probably the least of your worries in the case of a nuclear bomb - but it could be a bit of a problem given that cationic surfactants and polymers are not your hair's best friend in the case of fallout from an attack - what the.

Wed 16 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 16 Aug 17

COP an eyeful of this - an upcoming auction in New Zealand features a unique collection of glass eyes.

Tue 15 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 15 Aug 17

FORGET zolpidem - a British low-cost airline is claiming to have made a major breakthrough for insomniacs, and particularly for the fairly limited cohort who find it easy to sleep on a plane.

Mon 14 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 14 Aug 17

NEXT week's solar eclipse in North America is providing a good example of why science education in schools is important.

Fri 11 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 11 Aug 17

Pharmacy Daily

FORENSIC pathologists have solved a mysterious case in France last week, where two men were found dead after enjoying a delightful dinner together.

Thu 10 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 10 Aug 17

SOME things take a long while to digest, but this is ridiculous - Doctors in Perth have managed to trace a woman's mysterious stomach pains to something she swallowed about a decade ago.

Wed 09 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 09 Aug 17

A million dollar clinical trial of a new $9,000 dementia therapy robot has found it performed only slightly better than a soft toy, according to Australian Doctor.

Tue 08 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 08 Aug 17

A CASUAL and curious Koala was caught on 9NEWS video ambling into his local pharmacy last Friday afternoon in the New South Wales-Victoria border town of Tocumwal.

Mon 07 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 07 Aug 17

Pharmacy Daily

TREASURE trashing at its worst - a Russian man has graphically demonstrated the dangers of excess alcohol in a way that would bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Fri 04 Aug 17

Dispensary Corner 04 Aug 17

GEORGE Clooney (pictured) has officially been confirmed as the world's most handsome man - and science can prove it.

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