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Tue 26 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 26 Sep 17

OUR uniquely Australian furry marsupial friends, koalas, are getting more than their share of internet coverage lately.

Mon 25 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 25 Sep 17

A Perth liquor store has recently put up a sign informing customers that their 'sweaty money' will not be accepted over the coming summer months.

Fri 22 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 22 Sep 17

A FANNY-PACK or 'bumbag', with the appearance of a chubby belly, has been dubbed the 'dadbag'.

Thu 21 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 21 Sep 17

AN INDIANA food processing plant accidently turned the water in the local creek white after a spill resulted in more than 1,135 litres of milk leaking into it.

Wed 20 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 20 Sep 17

TALK about flush with cash - Geneva prosecutors are investigating after toilets in the financial district were found blocked by about $100,000 in high-denomination Euro banknotes, they said on Monday.

Tue 19 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 19 Sep 17

THE drinking of alcohol in the bewitching hour (or the "It must be five o'clock somewhere" syndrome) has been shown to be associated with an individual's circadian rhythm, according to University of Adelaide researchers.

Mon 18 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 18 Sep 17

Pharmacy Daily

THE legendary Ig Nobel Prize awards, spoofing on the Nobel prizes in science, have again introduced their whacky range of science surprises, as people demonstrate creative research.

Fri 15 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 15 Sep 17

HOW do you manage a misspelt set of football jerseys - Vermont's capital city is saying merci to a French city it's named after for plans to send some misspelled soccer jerseys its way.

Thu 14 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 14 Sep 17

IS TASTE the key to a successful long lasting marriage.

Wed 13 Sep 17

Dispensary Corner 13 Sep 17

DON'T leave that camera unattended in the Indonesian jungle! Photographer David Slater actually did, intentionally he claims, defending his rights to the pictures taken by the imitating monkeys in their own habitat.

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