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Fri 19 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 19 Jan 18

IT MAKES perfect sense for the operation of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol to be illegal, however in 2018 the term 'vehicle' is certainly broadening.

Thu 18 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 18 Jan 18

NEWLYWEDS from Northern Ireland have wasted no time getting their post-marriage bodies in shape by running in a marathon together - on their wedding day! Running junkies Gillian Cordner and Gary Connolly (pictured) promptly exchanged their respective tuxedo and wedding dress for some lycra activewear before heading off on a 42km run through County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

Wed 17 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 17 Jan 18

RECENT data compiled by BMJ Case Reports suggests that holding back a sneeze can inadvertently blow a hole through your pharynx.

Tue 16 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 16 Jan 18

IF IT'S true that smoking can stunt your growth, then the Portuguese village of Vale de Salgueiro may be resigning itself to a very petite future by encouraging its children to light up and smoke.

Mon 15 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 15 Jan 18

THE animal cuteness scale has just been demolished with the arrival of a big-eyed baby two-toed sloth (pictured) at an indoor bird zoo in Pittsburgh.

Fri 12 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 12 Jan 18

Pharmacy Daily

WHITE privilege - Lelux Hospital in Thailand is offering a skin whitening service - nothing unusual in that is there.

Thu 11 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 11 Jan 18

Pharmacy Daily

MEDICAL experts have long suggested that dentures be regularly cleaned, however one 68-year-old man from NZ can probably skip the next few sessions after inadvertently washing his pair rather intensively in the Tasman Sea.

Wed 10 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 10 Jan 18

FOREVER in green jeans - it doesn't quite have the same ring as the familiar song, but Indigo dye, which is used to make blue jeans blue, involves some "pretty nasty chemicals" according to researchers at the University of California, USA.

Tue 09 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 09 Jan 18

Pharmacy Daily

VIAGRA gets the blame again - this time from a naked faeces-flinging 27-year-old South Korean man in Thailand's Phuket International Airport.

Mon 08 Jan 18

Dispensary Corner 08 Jan 18

EVERYONE would like to win the lottery, and in South Carolina, USA, courtesy of a festive season technical glitch, everyone who entered, did.

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