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Fri 17 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 17 Nov 17

BREATHE easy gents - there's good news out there for older men who enjoy sexual intercourse.

Thu 16 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 16 Nov 17

EATING chocolate five times a week reduces an overweight person's risk of having a heart attack, new research suggests.

Wed 15 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 15 Nov 17

IF YOU like travel and elephants, you should probably visit Zambia; not only can you catch the mighty proboscidean monsters on your safari, but they may check in at your hotel foyer, the literal elephant in the room.

Tue 14 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 14 Nov 17

AN INDIAN man is being touted as the ultimate inspiration for Movember, seven years after he was awarded the Guinness World Record for the world's longest moustache.

Mon 13 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 13 Nov 17

'YOU'D better watch out'; don't get those festive tunes going too early in your pharmacy, because it could be a threat to mental health.

Fri 10 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 10 Nov 17

LOOKING for some top selling Xmas items for your pharmacy; look no further than an innovation from KFC in Japan, which has released new limited edition bath bombs which allow fast food lovers to literally immerse themselves in the essence of fried chicken.

Thu 09 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 09 Nov 17

FAST food junkies concerned about not being able to get their favourite dessert calorie fix can now relax, with the launch of a new smartphone app which tracks the status of McDonald's ice cream machines.

Wed 08 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 08 Nov 17

A fairly gutsy - or you might even say ballsy - health promotion has certainly attracted attention for a pharmacy in Devon in the UK.

Tue 07 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 07 Nov 17

AN ELDERLY gentleman in Germany clearly needs to boost his familiarity with vegetables, after mistaking a large zucchini in his garden for an unexploded bomb.

Mon 06 Nov 17

Dispensary Corner 06 Nov 17

FORGET nicotine replacement therapy or pharmaceutical solutions to help people stop smoking - a Japanese company is offering an extra week's holiday to its non-smoking staff members.

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