Invisible ZincEvery day this week Pharmacy Daily is giving one lucky reader the chance to win an Invisible Zinc prize pack, valued at over $90 each.

Each prize pack contains Invisible Zinc® ESP™ Environmental Skin Protector SPF 30+, Invisible Zinc® Tinted Daywear SPF 30+ (medium), UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF 30+(medium).

Having spent all summer carefully protecting your skin from the sun’s rays with diligent application of sunscreen, it is easy to neglect your skin coming into the autumn and winter months, abandoning a suncare regime and leaving your skin vulnerable to those same harsh environmental elements that damage your skin in summer.

Invisible Zinc® has the solution to this problem. Invisible Zinc® has incorporated environmental shields into the staples of your make-up bag, which means no change to your everyday beauty regime, but ensures that your skin is protected all year round.

To win, simply be the first person to send in the correct answer to the question below to:

Monday 25 February 2013 
What has Invisible Zinc incorporated into the staples of your make –up bag?

Tuesday 26 February 2013 
What kind of make-up product is UV Silk Shield Foundation?

Wednesday 27 February 2013 
What does ESP stand for?

Thursday 28 February 2013 
What SPF is Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector?

Friday 01 March 2013 
Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF 30+ comes in two skin shades, light and?

Note: This competition ran in February 2013 and entries have closed.