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Latest Health, Beauty and New Products

Posted: Wed 09 Jun 10

New Choice for dehydration

Symbion has extended its Pharmacy Choice range of private label products for independent pharmacies with the addition of Pharmacy Choice Oral Rehydration Salts.

Posted: Wed 09 Jun 10

Revive those tired legs

High Tech Health has released a new ‘Reviving’ Foot & Leg Gel to help combat dry skin which plagues many people during the colder months.

Posted: Wed 09 Jun 10

Decongestant comes with pain relief

Sudafed PE Sinus + Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief is a new pharmacy-only product which combines phenylephrine hydrochloride and ibuprofen 200mg.

Posted: Wed 02 Jun 10

Boost winter circulation

High Tech Health has launched a new Reviving Foot and Leg Gel, to use in conjunction with its Circulation Booster machine.

Posted: Wed 02 Jun 10

Winter is smelling like roses

Created from medical grade lanolin, Lanolips newest product, ‘Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands and Nails’, ensures hands and nails stay soft and nourished throughout winter.

Posted: Wed 02 Jun 10

Natural moisturiser for bub (and mum!)

A truly fantastic product, Avado Organics’ Baby Natural’s Moisturiser is jam packed full of organic oils selected for their calming, nourishing, anti-iinflammatory and protective qualities including avocado, safflower, evening primrose, and jojoba oils.

Posted: Wed 02 Jun 10

Support for hormones

In response to recent research which found that certian vitamins and nutrients can help to support a healthy metabolism and hormonal system, Bio Concepts has launched a range of Practitioner Only supplements (be prescribed once consultation and assessment of hormone balance is performed by a qualified health practitioner) under the ‘Orthoplex Hormone Range’ banner.

Posted: Wed 02 Jun 10

Natural winter lip relief

In light of the fact that the average woman is said to consume around 3kgs of lipstick during her lifetime, Botáni has developed a petroleum jelly, animal product and beeswax free ‘Healing Lip Balm’ that is safe enought to eat.