GAIA Natural Baby Soothing Cream

WITH its handy tube, the perfect shape for one-handed nappy changes, the new GAIA Natural Baby Soothing Cream slips easily into the nappy or handbag, making it a ‘go-to’ nappy change essential. This cream can be used for newborns, babies and toddlers — in fact, the whole family from top to toe (or toosh!). Busy mums (and dads) will benefit from applying the lotion to dry and flaky elbows, heels and knees or anywhere that craves a little extra attention. And with colds, allergies and hayfever a constant battle, Gaia’s natural baby cream effectively soothes dry irritated noses caused by frequent blowing or wiping.

Stockist: 03 9703 1707

RRP: $9.95