New pharmacy product for tension headache and migraine – Cefaly from SciGen

As part of 2016 Headache and Migraine week, and the media and medical promotion around this week, you may get enquiries about Cefaly, a new non-drug device (described as a TENs device) for treating and preventing migraine and tension headache, and now available for pharmacy to sell or rent. The Cefaly headband positions an adhesive electrode to the forehead generating precise micro-impulses to the trigeminal nerve: it is well tolerated, easy to use, has a rapid effect and has been shown in clinical trials to provide definitive improvement in 87% of users and reduce acute anti-migraine drug intake by 75%, SciGen says. Some health funds offer significant rebates.

Stockist: 1800 676 833

RRP: $440.00