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Latest Pharmacy Daily headlines

Tue 27 Jun 17

PD breaking news – Blackmores ceo goes to Australia Post

Pharmacy Daily

Blackmores announces ceo Christine Holgate resignationASX-listed natural health company Blackmores has announced a company leadership change, with ceo Christine Holgate resigning after nine years at the helm.Chairman Stephen Chapman said Holgate has accepted the position of ceo of Australia Post and will leave the company on 29 September 2017.Director Marcus Blackmore has been asked to return from sabbatical leave to step in as interim ceo prior to the Board appointing a new ceo, while a number of potential candidates have already been identified for the role.In addition, the Board has announced that Stephen Chapman, who took on the acting chairman role in Marcus Blackmore's absence, will continue on as chairman after the new ceo has been appointed.Blackmore himself will continue as a director of the company with the added responsibility as Brand President.Blackmore personally thanked Holgate for "the outstanding leadership she has provided".

Tue 27 Jun 17

Digital ad spending climbs

Pharmacy Daily

PHARMACEUTICAL marketers in Australia are increasingly utilising online channels to promote their products, with new data collated by advertising analytics firm Standard Media Index indicating a shift in spending from content sites into social media and "programmatic" online advertising.

Tue 27 Jun 17

Friendlies vaccination surge

WESTERN Australia's Friendlies Pharmacy Group has this week achieved more than 22,000 flu vaccinations for the season, eclipsing last year's campaign by 27% to date.

Mon 26 Jun 17

Sigma launches pathology

SIGMA Healthcare has today launched pathology health screenings throughout its Amcal Pharmacy network across Australia.

Fri 23 Jun 17

ACT pharmacists to vax

THE ACT Pharmacist Vaccination Standards were amended this week to enable appropriately trained pharmacists to administer the diptheria, tetanus, a-cellular pertussis (dTpa) vaccine to adults without a prescription.

Fri 23 Jun 17

Review report criticised

YESTERDAY'S release of the much-anticipated interim report from the Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation (PD breaking news) has attracted mixed feedback, with the Guild, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and wholesalers all expressing concerns about the document.

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