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Every month Pharmacy Daily recruits an industry professional to be our guest columnist and supply the industry with general information about their profession or service, which features in the issue each Monday.
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Weekly comment

Posted: Mon 07 Feb 11

Role of the pharmacist in the community

The ageing population and an already over-burdened healthcare system make the role of the pharmacist even more important.

Posted: Mon 06 Dec 10

The Importance of Building and Protecting Your Brand

As the fight for consumer share becomes more and more competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace, it is crucial that organisations large and small dedicate resources to raising awareness of the services and products they provide to the community.

Posted: Mon 29 Nov 10

Together we stand… the Pros of a Buying/ Retail Group

Being an independent pharmacist can be tough, but also worthwhile if you enjoy the rewards that independence can bring.

Posted: Mon 22 Nov 10

The Importance of Signage

How you use signage in your store (both internally and externally) is essential to your retailing success.

Posted: Mon 15 Nov 10

Merchandising by numbers

When it comes to effective merchandising strategies for your business the old adage is true - if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Posted: Mon 08 Nov 10

Retailing is not just about buying

Let’s face it, most pharmacists didn’t do their pharmacy degree with the aim of becoming a retailer, but for many pharmacists being a good retailer is imperative.

Posted: Mon 01 Nov 10

Taking a category approach

Category management is about balance: product ranges with shelf space, volume with profitability and days of supply with turnover, or stock turns.

Posted: Mon 25 Oct 10

What’s next? The Future of the Bottom Line

It is official: the 40 cent PBS online incentive has finished.