NEW Reflex Soles croppedThis week Pharmacy Daily is giving five lucky readers the chance to win the BioSport’s Reflex Soles.

BioSport has recently overhauled their Reflex Soles, the new design includes Polymer Gel technology that is embedded with six therapeutic magnets. This allows the individual wearing the insoles to get the benefits of a Reflexology treatment without even being aware of the magnets that are formed into the polymer gel.

The polymer gel technology also offers optimum cushioning and absorption of damaging foot shock. The flexible gel gives a longer lasting durability allowing you more value for your money. And with the 28-Day- Money-Back-Policy you really have nothing to lose  but your pain.

To win, be the first person to send in the correct answer to the question below to:

Monday 10 March 2014 
How many therapeutic magnets are in each BioMagnetic Sport Gel Reflex Sole?

Tuesday 11 March 2014 
What is the gauss rating of the therapeutic magnets found in the BioMagnetic SportGel Reflex Soles?

Wednesday 12 March 2014 
What type of arch do the BioMagnetic Sport Gel Reflex Soles have?

Thursday 13 March 2014
What type of gel is used in the BioMagnetic Sport?

Friday 14 March 2014 
How many nerve endings can be found in the bottom of your feet?

Note: This competition ran in March 2014 and entries have closed.