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Latest Health, Beauty and New Products

Posted: Wed 07 Jul 10

Vitamins and fresh breath all in one

Vitamints are a new range of mints from all Aussie company Vitacea, that combine the breath freshening benefits of mint with the health benefits of vitamins.

Posted: Wed 07 Jul 10

All male haircare

Specifically designed for male haircare needs, the new Headgear product range offers all Australian “salon quality” male haircare solutions based on botanically derived and naturally renewable ingredients.

Posted: Wed 07 Jul 10

Pain relief in a simple patch

Dencorub has released a new ache and pain relief product, Dencorub Pain Relieving Heat Patches.

Posted: Wed 07 Jul 10

Fly without the dry

Lanolips 101 Ointment and Rose Balm Intense for Dry Hands and Nails now come in travel sizes to revive dry and flaky skin whilst in the air.

Posted: Wed 07 Jul 10

Get all washed up

Witch Hazel, Rosemary and Calendula are the key ingredients in Ulittlebeauty’s All Washed Up Foaming Cleanser.

Posted: Wed 30 Jun 10

Hide cold sores with invisiSeal

The newest weapon in Zovirax’s arsenal against cold sores is its ‘invisiSeal’ which is an ultra thin patch that is applied directly on the cold sore to help conceal its existence.

Posted: Wed 30 Jun 10

Sterilisation in a bag

Easy Bubs’ Multiple Use Microwave Sterilisation Bags are a new way to sterilise baby feeding equipment, including bottles, teats, pacifiers, accessories, breast pumps and equipment, on the run.

Posted: Wed 30 Jun 10

It’s Simply Ageless

Covergirl has partnered with Olay to create its Simply Ageless range of foundations, which are formulated with Olay Regenerist Serum- to not only improve the look of skin but also its condition.