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Latest Health, Beauty and New Products

Posted: Wed 28 Apr 10

Say goodbye to summer shine, and hello winter matte

Latching on to the latest style trends for winter 2010, BYS has broughtt out its own range of Matte Nail Enamel polishes, in 14 colours: Black, Deep Berry, Fuchsia, Grey, Charcoal, Blue, Deep Purple, Deep Plum, Pink, Red, Deep Blue, Royal Blue, White and Black Cherry.

Posted: Wed 28 Apr 10

Protect and brighten winter complexions

Packed with Vitamin C rich ingredients, the new serum from Coast to Coast is a potent anti-oxidant potion.

Posted: Wed 28 Apr 10

Unbreakable antiseptic spray

Made from natural essential oils including Eucalyptus (136mg/ml), Tea Tree (18mg/ml) and Lavender (9mg/ml), Bosisto’s latest ‘Antiseptic Spray’ kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria without being as drying as alcohol based skin antiseptics.

Posted: Wed 28 Apr 10

Get Milky Feet in just a few weeks

Milky Foot removes dead skin and softens cracks and calluses through its ExMilac (milk ferment filtrate) base, which breaks down the hardened proteins in dry, scaly skin.

Posted: Wed 28 Apr 10

Tissues in a tube

Just in time for winter, Kleenex has released a new Tubes range, which takes tissues out of the box and into a series of stylish and compact non-crushable tubes.

Posted: Wed 21 Apr 10

Face the Day

Formula 10.0.6’s Face the Day tinted moisturiser is a great, cheap solution for younger skin moving into the winter months.

Posted: Wed 21 Apr 10

Welcome to the House of Usher

World renowned music superstar Usher has designed and released his very own fragrance for men titled ‘Usher VIP’.

Posted: Wed 21 Apr 10

Avocado: skin’s secret weapon!

Loaded with skin protectant antioxidants as well as nourishing vitamins A, D and E, lecithin and the so called ‘mineral of youth’- potassium, Avado’s Certified Organic Avocado Oil contains 100% organic biodynamic avocados- and that’s it! Despite being an oil, the product is incredibly light and absorbs completely into the skin within moments of application.